Wellness & Spa

Wellness therapy

Wellness therapy

Welcome to the world of relaxation, pamper yourselves with Ayurveda or Thai massages with tea served before the massage and a herbal elixir afterwards.

Since time immemorial massages have been used for stimulating general physical health and inducing a positive mindset. They restore energy, relax the mind and emotions and create a state of balance. Select the right aroma for your massage from our essential oils and float away on waves of relaxation and recuperation in the hands of our experienced masseuses and masseurs.

  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Thai massage
  • Health and immunity
  • Special massages
  • Massage and treatments for children
  • Baths and spa procedures
  • Solaria
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Úprava obočí

Wellness beauty

Cosmetic treatment Sothys - taking care of complexion using quality French cosmetics.

Wellness Beauty could be called a luxury beauty parlor. We work with quality French cosmetics SOTHYS. We offer beautifying procedures for all types of complexion and for women of every age. Apart from complexion care, you will also find manicure, pedicure, and a lot more in Wellness Beauty.

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Salt cave

Salt cave with 3D projection

The salt cave with its unique 3D projection is a special wellness procedure for the hotel guests. It contains stalactites, ionized air, interesting lighting and comfortable loungers. A pleasant experience is provided by a perfect underworld stimulation in 3D projection together with a captivating music or animation of a pleasant sound of a flowing water. The stay in this cave provides you with relaxing and calming effects while watching a beautiful view of the underwater world.

Selected kinds of salts contain all the necessary elements serving for creating a unique microclimate, which creates  pleasant feellings and effects to our body, skin and breathing system. Asthma, allergy, psoriasis (skin problems) and other similar difficulties can be healed or at least improved by a regular stay in the salt cave. The stay in the salt cave stimulates the stay at the sea where we breathe in mineral elements which are beneficial for our organism.

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Sauna World Wellness Hotel

Sauna World

Sauna or relaxing bath from 70 to 100 °C and relative humidity from 3 to 20 % has been used for a long time for body detoxication, improving mental health and decreasing pains. Sauna brings both psychical and physical body relaxation, improve blood circulation and body endurance.

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