Wellness beauty

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Wellness Beauty could be called a luxury beauty parlor. We offer beautifying procedures for all types of complexion and for women of every age. Apart from complexion care, you will also find manicure and a lot more in Wellness Beauty.

Manicure Manicure 45 min. 411 CZK
P-Shine Japanese manicure - natural nail care 60 min 642 CZK
Paraffin wrap for hands Take excellent care for the skin and joints of your hands. Paraffin wrap with orange and rose extracts and high content of vitamin A, D, E helps to regenerate, soften and deliver nutrition to the skin and joints. The wrap is accompanied by an excellent relaxing massage. The paraffin wrap can be preceded by the peeling that multiplies the paraffin effect. 30 min. 516 CZK

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Propolis treatment for senstive skin 60 min. 926 CZK
Sensitive skin treatment 60 min. 874 CZK
Combination skin treatment 60 min. 874 CZK
Dry skin treatment 60 min. 874 CZK
Vitamin capsule treatment for dry skin 60 min. 926 CZK
Elastin anti- age tretment 60 min. 990 CZK

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Alcina Cosmetics Treating

Alcina cosmetics offers a complete system of care which meets the individual needs of each woman.

Hydrating amino acid care Focused on a deep hydratation with a cooling and refreshing effect. 60 min 969 CZK
Revitalizing care with Q 10 coenzyme Total care focused on regeneration of the stressed and tired skin while getting a big portion of energy. 60 min 1 042 CZK
Colagen - lifting care with colagen smoothing wrinkle effect Effective lifting care suitable for smoothing and brightening the mature and complicated skin. 60 min 1 253 CZK
Cleansing herbal care for oily and problematic skin Focused on a deep cleansing as well as calming and dimming skin suffering from acne. 60 min 905 CZK
Efficient cleansing care for normal or mixed skin Focused on a deep cleansing as well as calming and dimming skin suffering from acne. 60 min 895 CZK
Anti-couperose care Focused on calming a sensitive or couperose skin, also on redness and feeling hot reduction as well as strengthening blood vessels. 60 min 1 011 CZK
liposome intensive care Focused on the prompt relief and reduction of skin tension and stress as well as skin regeneration. 60 min 990 CZK

For the selection of the most suitable cure we recommend you consulting with our beautician.

Dyeing of eyelashes   20 min. 116 CZK
Dyeing of eyebrows   15 min. 116 CZK
Facial hair removal Provided only together with the cosmetic treatment. 15 min. 179 CZK

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Intensive cell stimulation by the unique device LPG Cellu M6.


It is a mechanical cell stimulation which helps body to reduce weight and shape it where you need it.

The skin is also smoother and stronger. It is a natural way to reduce weight without a pain.

Clinical studies confirm tha LPG reduce cellulite and overweight, removes local fat and has positive infuence to body shaping.

ENDERMOLOGIE BODY is a non-invasive method which provides a nice relaxation as well!

1x ENDERMOLOGIE treatment - body - komfort care 35 min 926 CZK
1x ENDERMOLOGIE treatment – body - targeted express care 15 min 347 CZK