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Masáže Wellness Hotel Frymburk

Welcome to the world of relaxation, pamper yourselves with Thai massages with tea served before the massage and a herbal elixir afterwards.

Since time immemorial massages have been used for stimulating general physical health and inducing a positive mindset. They restore energy, relax the mind and emotions and create a state of balance. Float away on waves of relaxation and recuperation in the hands of our experienced masseuses and masseurs.

  • Thai massage
  • Health and immunity
  • Special massages
  • Massage and treatments for children
  • Baths and spa procedures
  • Solaria

Opening hours: Monday Sunday from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM

Thai massage

Including serving tea and fruit in the relaxation zone

Thai classical massage The original thai massage ritual - the client is dressed in cotton clothing and placed on the massage futon.
Using massage methods of pressure, stretching and pulsation of the whole body.
60 min. 1 042 CZK
Thai oil massage
Massage is performed on a massage table - the client is without clothing.
The whole body is gradually massaged with special oil which has a possitive effect on the energy metabolism.
60 min. 1 055 CZK
Thai massage with hot stones Hot stones are put on the body while the massage is performed.
It relieves the blockages and stimulates blood circulation.
90 min. 1 474 CZK
Thai leg massage The massage begins with bath and then the individual parts of legs are massaged with cream and balm. 60 min. 1 042 CZK

Reservation Thai massage

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Relaxing Polynesian Journey Two-hour body Relaxing Polynesian Journey will take you to one of the most amazing places in Polynesia.
Let yourself dream about its charming white beaches, azure sea or coral reefs. The smell of cocoa and Tiare flowers will complete the relaxing atmosphere of this care. In this beautifying ritual we combine body care with several exclusive massage methods which results in a smooth, absolutely clean, deeply nourished and hydrated skin.
120 min 2 084 CZK
Energizing Amazonian Escapade Two-hour Energizing Amazonian Escapade ritual will take you to the area of rainforests, wild vegetation, shaman magics and the smell of cocoa beans which were often used to the healing rituals.
Cocoa contains a psychoactive substance called Fenyletylamin which brings you the feeling of happiness and relaxation, relieves oxidation stress, protects and regenerates which all results to the velvety and soft skin. By this ritual you will also support a natural skin activity and will renew its freshness and appearance.
120 min 2 084 CZK

Ritual procedure reservation

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Express Slimming Pearls - Thalion Slimming Procedure Most of us have a time-consuming life, so the French company THALION has developed an Express Slimming Pearls treatment that leans, reduces cellulite, removes dead cells and removes the body's water. On the problematic parts (thighs, buttocks and tummy) are sea beads, which during the deep massage crack and release active substances. The main ingredient is the exclusive patented active ingredient AlgoSlim, which is extracted from brown seaweed and is the result of five years of research in Thalion laboratories. Furthermore, caffeine and menthol. In one step, exfoliation occurs, which activates the microcirculation of the body and subsequently stimulates the burning of body fat during a special deep manual massage.
This service is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
30 min 874 CZK

Express Slimming Pearls - Thalion Slimming Procedure

Compulsory item

Health and immunity

Relaxing full body massage Whole body massage that effectively removes physical and mental fatigue. It also helps to supply blood to muscles and tissues in the body. 60 min. 874 CZK
Segmental massage of the back and neck by oil A thorough massage of the back, shoulders and neck, relaxes stiff and often strained muscles. 30 min. 611 CZK
Reflexology foot massage Pushing on individual points on the soles of the feet affects the function of internal organs, nervous system,
glands and musculoskeletal system.
It stimulates the immune system and balances the physical and mental processes.
Stimulation of relevant points helps to improve the overall health.
Persons with diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy, inflammatory, fever and oncological diseases cannot take the massage. Please pay attention to proper hygiene and do not go for the treatment with warts and feet fungus.
40 min. 653 CZK

Reservation of the procedure Health and immunity

Compulsory item

Special massages

Facial massage A special massage technique achieves deep relaxation, removes muscles spasm,
helps to prevent wrincles, removes water, regenerates elasticity of tissues and skin.
25 min. 569 CZK
Coconut massage Coconut peeling and massage with coconut oil that nourishes the skin and leaves it healtier, more flexible and clearer. 60 min. 1 274 CZK
Gold massage with argan oil A precious type of massage with argan oil, whose effect on the skin has a beneficial effect. This oil has a strong regenerative, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. The active compounds of this oil slow the aging process and maintain skin elasticity. Argan oil contains vitamins E, A, beta - carotene and essential fatty acids (Omega 9 and 6). 60 min. 916 CZK
Seaweed wrap
+ facial massage free of charge
This treatment includes relaxation massage, whole body scrub,
application of seaweed wrap, shower and final cream massage.
90 min. 1 842 CZK

Reservation of the special massages

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Massage and treatments for children

Soft massage for pleasure (age 4-12). Even your children deserve nice relaxation.

Children´s fruit massage 30 min. 579 CZK
Children´s vanilla massage 30 min. 579 CZK

Reservation of the Massage and treatments for children

Compulsory item

Baths and spa procedures

50 minute procedures include sparkling wine and fruit. Baths are not suitable for ages under 18 years-old.

Aromatic bath Bathtub with hydromassage.
Pleasant bath which releases muscles and tension, promotes blood circulation and washes away harmful substances.
50 min. 1 person 1 242 CZK
Cleopatra´s bath bathtub without hydromassage
Luxury cream bath with honey and a blend of relaxing herbs that brighten, refresh and smooth you skin.
30 min.
50 min.
1 person 790 CZK
for couples in double bathtub
1 769 CZK
Kneipp bath bathtub with hydromassage
Harpago (sea salt), lavender, melissa, poppy and cannabis.
Baths in salts improve blood circulation, help to calm nerve system and give the skin essential minerals.
30 min.
50 min.
1 person 579 CZK
or couples in double bathtub
1 305 CZK
Peat bath Peat is valued for its exclusive healing and detoxicative effects. It helps to remove from the toxic substances as well as unnecessary water from the body which both serves against cellulite. Peat baths are also used during musculoskeletal system treatment, atopic eczema and healing of scars as well as for improving immunity and inflammations. 30 min. 1 person 695 CZK
Bath in live magnesium salt Unusual consistence of this sault due to the magnesium amount as well as other minerals provides the body with healing effects and serves as a helping instrument while having spasm in legs, headaches, dizziness or lack of concentration. This sault is recommended also for skin problems such as eczema, acne or psoriasis, for rheumatism or blood-vessel problems. It helps to heal female sexual organs too. 30 min. 1 person 737 CZK
Le Siesté

Exclusive herbal bubble bath that combines the beneficial effects of water, herbs, light therapy, music and relaxation.

20 min. bath + 15 min. tea

Bath salts:
Lavender - Helps to eliminate exhaustion, anxiety and mental stress.
Wood horsetail - Positive effect on condition of joins.
Relax - After hard physical and mental activity.
Tonic - Stimulates the organism and improves blood circulation.
Facial - Good for problematic and sensitive skin.

35 min. 653 CZK
Vichy shower + peeling of the whole body Jets massage the body in different squences and streams of water that are accompanied by simulation of tropical rain.
Peeling helps to keep the skin smooth. Vichy shower stimulates circulation of blood and regeneration of skin cells.
40 min. 863 CZK
LYDO French water bed. Warmth, harmony of colours, music and state of weightlessness will calm and relax your mid and body. This therapy is highly recommended fot those of you, who suffer from rheumatism and arthritis. It helps reduce pain in joints and muscles. 20 min 695 CZK
Infracabin Infracabin is used for medical and rehabilitation treatments mainly for people who can not use traditional sauna, e.g. cardiac patients, asthmatics,...
It reduces pain and stiffness in joints, muscles and spine, strenghtens muscles and reduces muscles tension.
It helps in treatment of inflammatory diseases of the skin and improves skin quality. The skin remains smooth and glowing.
It helps to prevent the formation of wrincles, removes cellulitide, strenghthens the immune systém,
as the increase of body temperature kills bacteria and viruses.
The temperature in the infracabin is between 30-60°C. The rays penetrate to a depth of 4 centimetres into the muscles tissue and internal organs
which has a healing
30 min. 179 CZK

Reservation of the Baths and spa procedures

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Horizontal solarium 1 Megasun Beauty and Care 1 min. 13 CZK
Vertical solarium 2 Alisun Sunvision Exclusive 1 min. 13 CZK

Reservation of the Solaria

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