Sauna World

Aquapark complex includes OUTSIDE SAUNA WORLD, you can try many kinds of saunas, natural cooling lake and other types of relaxing rooms for your comfort and relaxation.

Outside sauna world:

  • ceremonial sauna with the capacity of 50 persons and regular sauna procedures done by our specialists (Fri-Sun only
  • child sauna on weekdays from 11 to 16 o´clock and at the weekends from 10 – 16 o´clock
  • new Finnish sauna with the capacity of 16 places
  • new Russian sauna with the capacity of 16 places
  • new chans, one for ladies, the other mixed, the capacity for each is 8 persons, the temperature of the chan is 36 – 40 °C
  • cooling natural lake
  • new relaxing rooms- ceremonial 1+2, cloudy and star sky

Inside sauna world:

  • Finnish Ceremonial 80°C - 90°C
  • Himalayan Rose 75°C - 85°C, humidity 10-20%, honey scent (Fri-Sun only)
  • Turkish coffee 40°C - 50°C, 80-100% humidity, oriental scent (Fri-Sun only)
  • Caucasian Walnut 65°C - 70°C, 80-100% humidity, woody aroma, vario sauna
  • Salt steam sauna 40°C - 50°C, 80-100% humidity, salt mineral solution injection
  • Cooling room - Cooling room with 2 watering buckets. For local cooling there are showers.
  • Relaxation room - with heated loungers for perfect rest after all these treatments
  • Kneipp therapy – Kneipp little pavement for tired and swollen legs. Changing entering warm and cold water tiding on a pebble pavement

For cooling and cleaning after therapies there are four kinds of showers prepared

  • Fog shower
  • Lymphatic drainage shower 
  • Shower for back massage
  • Rest room - with heated deck-chairs for your perfect relaxation after all these procedures.
  • Kneipp therapy - Kneipp path for tired and swollen legs. You change warm and cold water flowing on the pebbly path.

Additional information

  • Special family admission is for children between 2 and 12 years.
  • The whole space of all the swimming pools and saunas is non-smoking!
  • Prices are including VAT.
  • Discounts can not be combined or used for different offers.
  • The refundable deposit for the chip is 100,- CZK. For the loss of the chip the fee is 1 000,- CZK.
  • Rental fee for the towel is 50,- CZK, for the hotel guests free (refundable deposit is 500,- CZK/1 piece).
  • Rental fee for the bathrobe is 70,- CZK, for the hotel guests free (refundable deposit is 500,- CZK/1 piece).
  • Children below 12 years have to be accompanied with an adult person (above 18 years), youth from 12 to 15 with a person above 15 years.
  • The entry to the inside and outside sauna world is allowed only for the person above 12 years.
  • Children below 12 years may enter the sauna world only with an adult person on weekdays from 10 – 13 o´clock and at the weekends and public holidays from 10 – 13 o´clock..
  • Hotel reserves the right to change the opening hours and possible reservations for internal needs.
  • Children below 1 year are now allowed to enter the child and large swimming pool and whirlpool according to the Act No. 135/2004 Coll of the Ministry of Health. Children from 1 to 3 years may enter the swimming pool only in a special bathing suit containing the tight rubber band around the legs.
  • The entry of children carriages (strollers) is not allowed due to the hygienic reasons.
  • The entry to the swimming pool in any footwear is forbidden from hygienic reasons.
  • The entry to the sauna world in swimming suit is forbidden from hygienic reasons.
  • The operator has the right to close or limit any parts of Aquapark from the maintenance or other necessary reasons without claiming a discount of the admission fee.
  • From the safety reasons it is forbidden to bring into the water space free inflatable things such as balls, rings over 60 cm etc.

Current pricelist of the Inside and Outside Sauna World you can find in

Aquapark Section

  • You will receive when entering the sauna world 1. Sheet for free. Every other for a fee 20 CZK.
  • In case of re-entry thre is again 1. Sheet for free. Every other for a fee 20 CZK.

Photogallery of the Inside Wellness Hotel Frymburk Sauna World