Sauna World

Sauna or relaxing bath from 70 to 100 °C and relative humidity from 3 to 20 % has been used for a long time for body detoxication, improving mental health and decreasing pains. Sauna brings both psychical and physical body relaxation, improve blood circulation and body endurance.

Outside Sauna World

  • ceremonial sauna with capacity up to 50 persons and regular sauna ceremonies under the leading of sauna masters
  • new Finnish sauna with 16 places
  • new Russian sauna with 16 places
  • new chans one for ladies and the other mixed, each for 8 persons, temperature 36 – 40 °C
  • cooling lake
  • new restrooms – ceremonial 1+2, cloudy and star sky

Inside Sauna World are available

  • Finnish sauna up 100°C - It is suitable for healthy people who desire to keep and improve their physical condition. It warms up the body, releases muscles, supports mesodermal blood flow, cleans pores and removes stress.
  • Vario sauna 70°C – Besides the classic Finnish sauna, this procedure allows choosing between a tropical spa and a moist herbal spa. All you have to do is set the temperature and given humidity and right away you are enjoying an inhalation of herbs or several kinds of aroma. This spa is especially apt for persons who badly withstand the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna.
  • Salt spa 37° – 45°C - A comfortable temperature and air saturated with salt create atmosphere similar to a seaside climate. Very fine particles of salt permeate the upper respiratory tract and settle on the skin. They positively affect the complexion or cure upper airway diseases.
  • Oriental spa 0° – 48°C - You can indulge yourself in this steam spa with different aromas in a stylish cabin with a star sky and heated benches.

For cooling and cleaning after therapies there are four kinds of showers prepared

  • Fog shower
  • Lymphatic drainage shower 
  • Shower for back massage
  • Rest room - with heated deck-chairs for your perfect relaxation after all these procedures.
  • Kneipp therapy - Kneipp path for tired and swollen legs. You change warm and cold water flowing on the pebbly path.

Sauna ceremonies

Enjoy sauna fully. Do you like using sauna or are you total novices in using it?

At us you will meet sauna ceremonials, which will bring your unforgettable experinces. The professional will look after you during the whole sauna ritual who is pouring hot stones and swirling hot air by towels with the special effects. These increase the feeling of hot as well as cleaning effect for the body and mind. Ceremonies can be enriched by sauna essences.

Additional information

  • At the entry to the Sauna World we will lend you a sheet. 
  • The entry to the Sauna world is possible only without swimming costume.
  • We recommend you to take your own slippers.
  • Return deposit for the chip is 100 CZK, for the loss of the chip there is the fee 1 000 CZK.
  • You can hire a towel for 30 CZK.
  • Child sauna is from 11 to 16 o´clock.
  • The sale of the admission finishes 90 minutes before the end of the opening hours.

Current pricelist of the Inside and Outside Sauna World you can find in

Aquapark Section

  • You will receive when entering the sauna world 1. Sheet for free. Every other for a fee 20 CZK.
  • In case of re-entry thre is again 1. Sheet for free. Every other for a fee 20 CZK.

Photogallery of the Inside Wellness Hotel Frymburk Sauna World