Sauna ceremonies

Join us for an extraordinary experience where tradition, relaxation and fun are combined. Experienced sauna masters will be waiting for you at the ceremonies to introduce you to different techniques for reviving the sauna atmosphere and different essences.

Sauna ceremonies
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Sauna Ceremonies: Transforming Traditional Sauna Bathing into an Unforgettable Experience

Sauna ceremonies represent a unique fusion of traditional sauna bathing and a distinctive performance, offering a profound experience and a feeling of complete warmth.

What is a Sauna Ceremony?

A sauna ceremony is a 10 to 15-minute performance during which an experienced sauna master creates an extraordinary atmosphere accompanied by music. The sauna master pours water over the stones to increase humidity and air temperature, then scents the sauna with 100% natural essential oils, specifically selected for the ceremony. Stirring the air and fanning the guests with a towel ensures the body is thoroughly warmed.

What does the sauna ceremony offer?

  • Improved body warming: Thanks to the increase in humidity and the waving of the towel.
  • Nervous system stimulation: The essential oils used and their inhalation bring a range of positive effects.
  • Enrichment of the sauna experience: The ceremony represents an exciting deviation from traditional sauna bathing.

Basic Information

Where and when does the ceremony take place?

- Venue: Ceremonial sauna and other saunas according to the current schedule

- Schedule: Available in the entrance lobby inside the wellness center and on our website

How long does the ceremony last?

- Duration: 10 to 15 minutes.

How to properly enjoy the ceremony?

  1. Please do not enter the sauna after the ceremony has started to avoid disrupting its progress.
  2. You may leave the sauna at any time, but it is not possible to return during the ceremony.
  3. During the ceremony, it is recommended to sit on a sheet or be wrapped in it.
  4. Maintain silence and do not communicate loudly if the ceremony is not specifically designed for dialogue.
  5. After the ceremony ends, it is essential to visit the shower first and then the cooling pool or pond.

What are the types of our ceremonies?

  • Relaxation: a calm environment with slow music, dim lighting, and relaxing scents.
  • Dynamic: active relaxation with fast music, light show, and stimulating essences.
  • Whisks: ceremonies with whisks utilize the traditional Russian method of sauna bathing with branches used for gentle body massage.
  • Peelings: various types of peelings are used to remove dead skin cells, promoting smoothness and a healthy appearance of the skin.

Schedule of Sauna Ceremonies:

Monday to Friday

There will be no sauna ceremonies on Monday 10.6.

Time Place
17:00 Peeling
18:30 Ceremonial sauna
19:30 Ceremonial sauna
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Relaxation days

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Stay for Active Seniors

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  • Herbal bath, 30 min (for each adult)
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Package Comfort and Pampering

Comfort and Pampering

  • 2 nights accommodation in a hotel with breakfast.
  • Dead Sea salt bath, 2 people, 30 min
  • Full body relaxation massage, 2 people, 60 min
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