The World Underwater

Underwater world

It is a unique exposition of aqauriums and artefacts showing the world underwater not only in the Czech Republic but also in tropical waters and seas. You can watch more than 30 aquariums on the area of 500 m2 in a beautiful location in South Bohemia on the bank of Lipno lake in Wellness Hotel Frymburk.

Dear visitors,
welcome in another world...

The world underwater is still very little known and therefore our team was preparing it for more than one year by the means of tens proffesionals who worked with a full enthusiasm to get the best result of our live lovely and healthy pets.

You are visiting the world which we all must look after to save it for the future generations and the more we will know about it, the more we can protect it for our descendants. I wish you to enjoy this underwater world and to relax while watching these amazing shows provided by animals.

And remember:

„If we save our nature, we protect also each other!“

Yours sincerely,

Steve Lichtag

Opening hours:

Mon - Sun10:00 - 20:00
Wednesday13:00 - 20:00


  • Freshwater – „Czech Waters“
  • You can see Czech fish such as carps, pikes, perches, catfish, sturgeon or less known kinds.
  • Freshwater – „Tropical Waters“
  • You can see e. g. piranhas, Amazon rays etc.
  • See
  • Besides coral fish you can look forward to e. g. shark or eel.
  • For children - contact and feeding tank.

Exposition „Sea in Bohemia“

  • You can see the times of unique fossil discovery of the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Czech sea which could be where you are staying now too.

Unique artefacts exposition

  • fossil teeth of the biggest shark ever – Megalodon
  • unique collection of sperm whale teeth, jaw of the biggest whale in the real size
  • shark jaw and teeth
  • unique collection of crustaceans and seashells

Virtual reality of the World Underwater

Virtuální realita Světa pod hladinou


  • souvenirs and refreshment


Adult 200 CZK
Children below 2,99 years Free of charge
Children below 11,99 160 CZK
Family tickets (2 adults + 2-3 children) 650 CZK
School groups * 140 CZK / person

* For school children one adult person for 15 children is free of charge.

  • No entry with dogs!


Short shot of the World underwater