Special offer of discounted Wellness procedures

Baths are not suitable for ages under 18 years-old.

Wellness Package Lipomassage

The time for beauty
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Special Wellness package with the exclusive Lipomassage focusing on removing cellulite, strengthening the skin and forming and slimming down the build.

Discounted Wellness Package:

for € 313,10

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Lady Wellness Package

Face massage
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Do you want to feel like queens and relax from weekday worries? It is high time to be spoilt by the others. You can enjoy a special shower with peeling, relaxing massage of back and neck as well as cosmetic colagen face treatment and wax hand wrap.

Discounted Wellness Package:

for € 82,50

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Wellness Senior Package

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You can look forward to a relaxing aroma bath,face massage and pink wrap for women or whisky one for men.

Discounted Wellness Package:

for € 49,50

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