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The time for beauty

Wellness Package Lipomassage

You can make your skin also more beautiful, clearer and gain a youthful appearance. Relaxing procedure which forms and strengthens your organism.

Lipomassage gurantees:

  • removing swellings already after the first treatment
  • after 6 treatments smoothing cellulite
  • after 12 treatments the reduction of fat by 70% and visible skin strengthening

Wellness Lipomassage package contains:

  • 10x endermology - LPG comfort body care




The price of the wellness package - Lipomassage

This Wellness package you can order the whole year

The price for the wellness package

€ 313,10

You will save: € 34,80
Wellness procedures and services of the stay packages given can not be changed or discounted any more.

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