In difficult situations and tasks the participants can try how to use really effectively the basic thoughts of cooperation. The project which we will prepare for our client creates an open atmosphere which helps the participents to recognize each other better. It serves for a more solid relationship among colleagues.

We organize thematic events such as Western, Mexico, Mafie, Army/Military, Sherlock Holmes/Londýn, Hawai, Off Road/Cross activities etc.

Teambuilding actions provide the participants with:

  • Recognizing own ways of reactions.
  • Using various forms of communication.
  • Showing own emotions and recognizing reactions of the others.
  • Confrontation with conflicts during decisions.
  • Trying various styles of leading, authority and working with it.

All offered programs can be combined with your wishes, products or working aims for the right company presentation.


Aims which are focused on cooperation and communications of individual team members. Teams are divided into 10 people and actions are done both in the morning and in the afternoon.


  • Water Zorbing – plastic balls which are inflated by air. In them you will move on the water along the prepared track which will be marked out with buoys.
    The aim is to run around the buoy which is about 5 metres.
  • Sea Kayaks: they are for one or two persons run by the peddals or paddles and driven easily by the rudder.
    The aim is to go through the prepared slalom and back while changing the teams in the middle of the competition.
  • A-Team Game: from the prepared material you build a special device which transports one team member from the point A to B while having the member up to 50 cm over the ground.
    The others manipulating with the device must be far enough from the construction.
    The aim is the time for the building and transporting the member.
  • Quiz: focused on the surroundings and history.
  • Archery: shooting from sport bows while the aim is the maximum points reached.
  • Cable obstacles.
  • Amazonka Team Game: team must build the device from the prepared material which enables the team member to pick us something from the water while not touching the water at all.
    The aim is the releasing time, device quality and possible penalty for the touch both of the member and the device.
  • Skies: team competition on extra large skies.
  • Quiz No. 2 – surroundings and history of Čertova stěna (Devil´s Wall) and Frymburk.


Teams will be didived into the teams of 10 people where you will get an amount of letters for the final position. At the evening final it will be announced how many letters each team gained and the team is going to pull out the letters. After the team discussion each team can try to change up to 3 letters for another ones.

With the letters the team can work in the following ways:

  • to set a poem or rhymed story from any number of words.
  • to set a maximum number of words which are counted up together according to the letter value.
  • to set as many words as possible in the time limit - recommended.


  • Quiz station – curiosities from the chosen surroundings.
  • Stilt slalom.
  • Tactical-logical Mölkky game – throwing at the target.
  • Time building of raft and transport of the team to the right place.
  • Word game.
  • Archery/Team cooperation of carrying eggs and omelette creation.
  • Low cable obstacles up to 0,5m above the ground – all the team must overcome them while helping each other.
  • Station of solving the problem 1 – preparation of mexican specialities from the ingrediences given.
  • Station solving the problem 2 – pulling the member through the spider net.


This program is not only entertaining but also educative, competitive and a bit sporty. We will bring you to the „sherwood“ forrests and ponds which are and ideal oportunity for relaxation and enjoyment. The day finishes by the KUFR (Suitcase) final game, which will announce the total winner. The teams are divided into the teams of about 10 persons.


  • Web climbing – team is pulling one momber after the other through the web prepared among the trees while not using the same hole.
  • Large jackstraws – a traditional game with the rules set for the team with 1m long sticks.
  • Local regional quiz – Sherwood secrets.
  • Little baloons – each team will get inflatable little baloons from which a so called air pillow for one member will be created. The member must lie on those balloons without any help from the team members or ground at least 3 seconds.
  • Brain teaser – all create a circle while standing and close their eyes, then everybody stretches its hand and grasps somebody then the same with its left hand while grasping somebody else and after that everybody opens the eyes and must untangle without releasing from each other.
  • Volleyball without a net – team tries to transport a ball from A to B point while using two large sails.
  • Truggy slalom – a measured slalom while using a large remote-controlled profi model (HIMOTO).
  • Water slalom – two members on the kayak pick up placed barrels.
  • Shooting discipline – bow, crossbow, paintball, air gun.
  • Team water game.


Not everybody can experience a life of a farmer. Teams will fullfil farmer works and compete to get a farmer treasure. This program is recommended for people working in offices, hotels etc.


  • Going out with a goat – measure slalom running with a „goat“
  • Horseshoe throwing – throwing with a horseshoe to the set ground.
  • Cutting wood – man´s discipline. Sew the button – woman´s discipline
  • Building a bonfire – team must build the highest possible bonfire in the limit.
  • Apple collecting – every team member must pick up one people from the bath while using the teeth.
  • Milking a cow – milk a cow in the time limit while using a simulator.
  • Dung transporting – team is divided into couples while transporting the dung on a wheelbarrow to the set place.
  • Filling the barrel – team must fill the whole barrel by leaves which must be raked at first.
  • Czech quiz – questions about Old Bohemia
  • Leading a herd - one team member must lead the others with covered eyes to the finish.


Every team gains some special cents for each fullfilled discipline for purchasing the things for cooking the goulash (cooker, firelighter, spirit, pot, dishes, ingredients).

Treasure Seekers

Come with us to the wide sea to rob and seek treasures. Team compete at stations for golden coins. The program is focused on water activities and team cooperation.


  • Quiz station – boats and treasures.
  • Secret code – logical discipline.
  • Shooting at pirates – paintball guns.
  • Pirate treasure – seeking a treasure according to indications.
  • Titan fight – competing game throw him off.
  • Boat rescue – transport injured people by boat.
  • Throwing by a rescue circle to the target.
  • Water zorbing – ari-inflated plastic balls in which you will move on the water along the prepared track marked out by buoys. The aim is to run over the buoy which is about 5 metres.
  • Sea kayaks – the ones for one or two people run by peddals or paddles while controlling by a rudder. The aim is to go along the prepared slalom while changing the teams in the middle.
  • Slalom na vodní hladině – dvojčlenné hlídky na kajaku sbírají po vodě rozmístěné barely a v časovém limitu je přivážejí ke břehu.
  • Dopis / pohled pro krále – výroba pohledu ( všechny pohledy budou součástí večerní after – party).


The total time is 6 – 8 hours.


In the hotel surroundings there will be Geocaching stations which will be sought by teams according to the time plan. All get a time table, GPS, device and map. Our couch for each team will be ready to go with who will watch no only the following time plan but also notice the found things. Every place marked in GPS hides a box with a different value of it. The covers of the boxes will differ in size and its difficulty will gain various WAT points. In the chart both the numbers of things found and WAT points gained will be written down. The number of stations will be 8 – 12 for 6-10 teams. In the final evening there will be the chart projected including all the teams and their current results. The final round will be also included while having twice as much WAT points for it.


The task of each team for the final evening will be building a wind power plan from the components given. Each team has the same material for it, so called Merkur building set, engine, propeller etc. Teams will have the opportunity to visit a mounting place from the afternoon outdoor block up to the final evening, where they can discuss and make everything. The aim is to produce the most powerful power plan which will be measured during the final evening by a special method to get the final power result. The time presentation limit is 5 minutes. The result is counted in WATs and will be added to the current score from the whole outdoor day in a double value. The winner is the team with the highest WAT points. The aim of the whole evening final is to show the abilities and cooperation as well as the product presentation while possible funny commenting the story.


Do you like army environment, ship battles or historical quiz? This program is right for you because it is focused on water activities such as dragon ships, individual capabilities and team cooperation.


Morning part:
  • Enemy identification (taste and recognize) – e. g. Cola vs. Pepsi, Lays vs Bohemia, always according to the client wishes.
  • Strategical planning (minigolf) – the competititon on one of the tracks.
  • Mine field deactivation (volleyball) – serving the ball to the marked place.
  • Balistic curved line (basketball, football) – hitting the basket and the goal.
Afternoon part:
  • Psychological test – quiz station, questions about the famous battles, films with air and boat themes such as Top Gun, The Attack in the Pacific etc.
  • Paintball – shooting to the target.
  • Eastern martial arts (skittles or stilt) – the points competition.
  • Truggy slalom – large remote controlled profi HIMOTO model – time measured slalom.
  • ZDragon ship competition – each team must take part in a qualified time measured ride. First four teams go to the semi-final (the beginning at about 16:30) where the first against the fourth and the second against the third team will compete.
    After that there will be the competititon for the third and first place. Dragon ships are valued by the double points gained.


The program consists from three parts: educative, sporty-entertaining and team cooperation. Healthy lifestyle and positive attitude to the life is the main aspect of this program and matches to the „too fast living nowadays“ wery well.

Sporty-entertaining disciplines:
  1. Softball and baseball throwing while being speed measured.
  2. Biatlon on the ground.
Educative part team cooperation, quiz, individual consultation:
  1. Regime, healthy lifestyle, healthy menu and metabolic weigh measuring.
  2. Cook abilities – meals up to 500 calories and their creation.
  3. Immunity system supporting and organism detoxication.
Team coopearation:
  1. Skies – measured track where teams must use large skies.
  2. measured raft building and transporting the team to the marked place.


The program consists from three parts: educative, sporty-entertaining and team cooperation. Healthy lifestyle and positive attitude to the life is the main aspect of this program and matches to the „too fast living nowadays“ wery well.

Sporty-entertaining disciplines:
  1. Truggy slalom.
  2. Bow and crossbow shooting.
  3. Hammer dynamometer.
  4. Water Zorbing.
  5. Seqway – time measured competition.
Educative part team cooperation, quiz, individual consultation:
  1. Regime, healthy lifestyle, healthy menu and metabolic weigh measuring.
  2. Měření na metabolické váze.
  3. Cook abilities – meals up to 500 calories and their creation.
  4. Immunity system supporting and organism detoxication.
Team cooperation:
  1. Water slalom : two members pick up placed barrels.
  2. Skies – time measured part where teams must use large skies.
  3. Low and high rope obstacles – the whole team must overcome it while helping and securing each other.


Teambuilding James Bond program enables your employees to become at least for a while the Spy 007. Teams go through many activities concerning the secret MI6 service a use their abilities while fullfilling tasks at stations. This program is full of adventure, humour and team cooperation. Become a real action hero for a while!

Teams gain points at each station which will decide about the winner.

Sporty-entertaining disciplines:
  1. Faster than death – softball and baseball speed throwing.
  2. Safety escape – biathlon on the ground.
  3. MI6 secret service quiz – questions concerning James Bond.
  4. Spy 007 in the sky – stilt slalom.
  5. In her majesty´s secret service – team cooperation of egg transporting and creating an omelette.
  6. Golden eye – paintball shooting
  7. Rescue mission on the sea – time measured raft creating and team transportation.
  8. Hell for the invited – low rope obstacles.
  9. Shake but not mix – create a dring and define the glass.
  10. Fast and furious – truggy slalom.